Breakfast for Runners: Running on Empty

runners' breakfast

mixed breakfast after a run

As runners we all run differently as we all choose different running shoes, shorts, leggings, bandanas, hats,  or even post running exercises (if at all…) . When it comes to breakfast it’s no different. I tend to try not to run on a full stomach but I also don’t like to run on an empty stomach (awkward sod that I am).

Sun and phatrunner

So what do  I do if  I want to go on an early morning run? “Get up earlier”, I hear your say. Well if I were to get up earlier then I’d feel obliged to go running even earlier as the old trusty saying says. Well the saying doesn’t quite say that but it says something like that. Wait, for it: The early bird catches the worm. And back to breakfast again in a round about route.

coming back from run to breakfast

On way back to breakfast from early morning run

Well I’ve tried coffee with sugar as a good pick me up after a hard night’s sleep but it doesn’t quite work. I’ve tried replacing the sugar with honey. Of course only the finest New Zealand Manuka honey will do. Well it was nice in a honey sort of way but I’ve never really been a fan of honey so I just felt cheated that it had ruined my fresh brewed coffee.  In fact it was not only fresh brewed but also freshly ground. I’m very popular in the early hours when I get going with the old coffee grinder.

custard creams and coffee beans

time for coffee beans and custard creams

I tried a little bit of yogurt just to line the stomach but when mixed with the coffee it does not make a good companion. A couple of custard creams with a cup of tea not only seems rather indulgent for the early hours but also rather defeating the healthy benefits of an early morning run.

After years of indecision I’ve decided to stick with freshly ground and brewed coffee with a dash of milk as my early morning start.  Of course I could always eat later…


And once I return and if I’ve enough time I generally like to have a lovely muesli mix which included almonds, sunflower seeds, bananas, strawberries, walnuts, chai seeds, flax seed, and oatbran. All these ingredients are not strictly necessary or may not even be good for you but a combination of them certainly keeps my morning ticking along. With such a mix I always make sure I drink a fair bit of water to re hydrate. And if I’ve timed it right I’ve just got enough time for a decent cup of coffee before I have to crack on with work.


Running Around to Stay Still

rain expected imminently

runner looking up for rain

I’ve spent the last few months caught up with various projects. Or should I say the last few months have been various projects with me somehow involved.
But it’s not too different to most people’s lives. You plan to do something and then something happens and you’re no longer following the plan. I always try to stick to some semblance of the plan if I can. Even if it’s just a few moments of following the plan I still feel like I’m sticking to some kind of plan.
But regardless I’ve always managed to go running even when I’ve been really limited for time or even energy after or before a busy day.
It’s not always comforting when you’re really tired to lace those running shoes up but you certainly feel better when you come back through the door, and unlace those running shoes.

ready for that run, almost

almost ready for that run