Running Around to Stay Still

rain expected imminently

runner looking up for rain

I’ve spent the last few months caught up with various projects. Or should I say the last few months have been various projects with me somehow involved.
But it’s not too different to most people’s lives. You plan to do something and then something happens and you’re no longer following the plan. I always try to stick to some semblance of the plan if I can. Even if it’s just a few moments of following the plan I still feel like I’m sticking to some kind of plan.
But regardless I’ve always managed to go running even when I’ve been really limited for time or even energy after or before a busy day.
It’s not always comforting when you’re really tired to lace those running shoes up but you certainly feel better when you come back through the door, and unlace those running shoes.

ready for that run, almost

almost ready for that run

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