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Gazing out of the Window

I was sitting down gazing out of the window wondering whether the weather was about to break. Was it too cold out there? Was it too windy to go running? Would it start snowing? More’s the point I was wondering whether it was too cold, windy, or whether I would get snowed on.

Did I really want to go running or was I putting forward a multitude of excuses that would allow me to gaze out of the window. I had no training routine for any upcoming events or commitments that had to be ticked, and I wasn’t really looking for a personal best. I just wanted to go for a run.  But like a lot of people I was halfway into talking myself into not going running.

Making a Start

I thought I’d make a start. So I rinsed out my running bottle. If the cold water that I used for rinsing was any indicator it was certainly cold out there. Once rinsed out  I filled the bottle and left it on the table. It was staring at my. Daring me to ignore it. It was losing as I passed it on my way back to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. And what’s an afternoon cup of tea without biscuits? Or is that just a British thing?

While the kettle was boiling the water bottle stared me out and I went upstairs and started getting my running kit together. I find that if my running kit is laid out the night before if I want to go on an early morning run I tend to do the run. If I’m silly enough to think I can get my kit ready in the dark mornings while the rest of the house is sleeping then I tend to not make the early morning run. It’s like setting yourself up for failure. Deep down you know that you should have your kit ready but you’re looking for an excuse not to complete.

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Just got back after a cold run

Getting the kit Together

Once I got the kit together I was committed. The kettle turned itself off in a huff as I grabbed my water bottle. Complete with bottle, and my running gloves I was almost out the door. But of course there’s always something when you’re prevaricating. I had to find my running sling for my Iphone. How could I possibly venture out on a cold windy afternoon without being suitably distracted and soothed by my playlist. Of course I had to know organise my playlist.

What should I listen to on a cold afternoon? After scanning through my choices I found some music that seemed neglected. Almost ready and out the door. Was it raining like that earlier I wondered? Probably not. I rolled out my bandana ready for the rain and popped the headphones in and was off.

First few Miles are the Toughest

The first few miles are always the toughest. It was cold and wet. And the higher I ran the colder it got. But it was great. It was fantastic to be out. I didn’t do a long run. I didn’t try for any personal bests or try any different routes.

I just enjoyed the run, the cold, and the wind.  And let’s not forget a cup of tea and biscuits always tastes better after a run.


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